Sound Rocker Game Chair

The new Sound Rocker is a fantastic accessory for your video gaming experience. Basically it is a video gaming chair which allows you to experience the sounds and feelings of the game as if you wrere there. You can read more about Sound Rockers here: Sound Rocker

There are four main Pyramat Sound Rocker chairs to choose from, you can even go wireless. The basic model starts with the S1000 at around £70. The next model is the S2000 or you can go wireless with either the S2500w or the deluxe PM440W. Which ever Sound Rocker gaming chair you choose you are sure to have hours of added fun and excitement.

You can also use the Pyramat Sound Rocker chairs with your ipod or mp3 player to really get the feel for the music.

Sound Rocker chairs are compatible with: PS2, PS3, XBox, 360, Cube, DS, Wii, PSP, iPod, Mac, PC, TV, DVD & MP3 Players

July 1, 2022
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